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Hatco GLO-RAY Portable Designer Heated Shelves

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Hatco Glo-Ray Heated Shelves

  • Built-in Adjustable Thermostatic Controls
  • Model widths from 30.25" to 78.25"
  • Rounded Edges and Hardcoated Aluminum surfaces offer a modern style for front-of-the-house applications
  • Accessory 4" legs (standard on 42" and wider models)

Hatco® GLO-RAY GR2S-24 Heat Shelf

  • Dimensions: 30.25"W x 4"H x 27"D
  • Electrical: 120V, 350W, 2.9Amps

Hatco® GLO-RAY GR2S-30 Heat Shelf

  • Dimensions: 36.25"W x 4"H x 27"D
  • Electrical: 120V, 450W, 3.7Amps

Hatco® GLO-RAY GR2S-36 Heat Shelf

  • Dimensions: 42.25"W x 4"H x 27"D
  • Electrical: 120, 550W, 4.5Amps

Hatco® GLO-RAY GR2S-42 Heat Shelf

  • Dimesions: 48.25"W x 7"H x 27"D
  • Electrical: 120, 600W, 5Amps

Hatco® GLO-RAY GR2S-48 Heat Shelf

  • Dimensions: 54.25"W x 7"H x 27"D
  • Electrical: 120, 700W, 5.8Amps

Hatco® GLO-RAY GR2S-54 Heat Shelf

  • Dimensions: 60.25"W x 7"H x 27"D
  • Electrical: 120, 800W, 6.6Amps

Hatco® GLO-RAY GR2S-60 Heat Shelf

  • Dimensions: 66.25"W x 7"H x 27"D
  • Electrical: 120, 900W, 7.5Amps

Hatco® GLO-RAY GR2S-66 Heat Shelf

  • Dimensions: 72.25"W x 7"H x 27"D
  • Electrical: 120, 1000W, 8.3Amps

Hatco® GLO-RAY GR2S-72 Heat Shelf

  • Dimensions: 78.25"W x 7"H x 27"D
  • Electrical: 120, 1100W, 9.1Amps